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Roseanne Mallon inquest facing a further delay


Roseanne Mallon

Roseanne Mallon

Roseanne Mallon

A long-awaited inquest for a murdered Northern Ireland pensioner could be facing further delay, a senior judge has warned.

High Court Judge Mr Justice Weir said he was anxious that the case for Roseanne Mallon, which began in 2013, should not be unduly delayed by a legal wrangle.

Judge Weir said: "This inquest has been adjourned because of matters of forensic misidentification, therefore the case has gone on for much longer than any of us would have wished.

"I am anxious that a determination is made so the case would not be unduly delayed." The hearing was told an issue had arisen with responses given by two police witnesses.

Sean Doran QC, barrister for the Coroners Service, said questions had been raised about an apparent security force policy under which officers cannot confirm or deny whether someone is working as an informant or agent.

Mr Doran said: "These witnesses have been asked whether they were aware that the suspects investigated in the Mallon case had acted as informers or agents and two witnesses responded by saying they could neither confirm nor deny. The matter gives rise to some issues of legal difficulty."

Judge Weir has received written submissions from legal representatives for the Mallon family, the Ministry of Defence and the Police Service of Northern Ireland as well as the Coroners Service, the court heard.

Miss Mallon (76) was shot dead when loyalist paramilitaries attacked her sister-in-law's Co Tyrone home in May 1994.

The spinster was hit multiple times when UVF gunmen indiscriminately opened fire on the bungalow at Cullenrammer Road, on the edge of Dungannon.

The UVF said its notorious mid-Ulster brigade was responsible and was targeting two of Ms Mallon's nephews, Christopher Mallon - who was not home at the time - and Martin Mallon, who lived half-a-mile away. Both were involved with the republican movement.

In the aftermath, military spying equipment was found in a nearby field, sparking claims of security force collusion.

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