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Ross Kemp: Filming during Twelfth in Belfast was an eye-opener

Actor turned documentary maker Ross Kemp said recording part of his new series Extreme World in Northern Ireland was "an eye-opener", writes Laura Butler

The former EastEnders star travelled to Belfast last summer with a camera crew, to capture the Orange Order parade through the city on July 12.

He walked with marchers towards Ardoyne, the scene of sectarian clashes during the Troubles.

"You're not aware of a lot of what goes on there over in the UK, and a lot of young people have no idea about the Troubles and the issues that existed in Northern Ireland, so there is a generation of people across the UK that has no idea how dangerous a place it was," Kemp said.

"For me it was very much about looking at where we are now, 15 years on from the Good Friday Agreement.

"I hope that we allowed people with extreme views from both sides of the community to have their say and we spoke to people who have genuine grievances, but I really wanted it to be non-judgmental, completely unbiased.

"There were people who actually thought I'd take sides, but that's not me and it's not what I'm interested in," he said.

Kemp has not ruled out returning to Ireland in the future to investigate gangland crime in Dublin and Limerick.

"We'll go anywhere – our team is always on the lookout for a subject. We want to inform an audience that is not interested in current affairs usually and to take an interest in what is happening across the world," he said.

"What's the point of having movies and PlayStation games showing violence when you can't show things going on in the real world?" I'm fortunate that I can travel the world to do that."

Sky's Ross Kemp joins Belfast Twelfth of July parade for new series of Extreme World Ross Kemp joins Belfast Twelfth of July parade for new series of Extreme World

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