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Row 'may spark protest at next march'

A political commentator has asked how unionism would react if republicans in Londonderry decided to protest against future loyal order marches in the mainly nationalist city.

Former Sinn Fein candidate Chris Donnelly said there could "very well" be a protest against the next one. "It would be a disaster, but it could very well happen," he said, speaking on BBC Radio Ulster's Talkback.

"This band can never march again through Derry. The Apprentice Boys need to take ownership and say anybody who has that agenda, you're not welcome."

He added: "If you were trying to concoct for notional purposes an equivalent to this parade - what would be the unionist reaction if 8,000 republicans marched around the centre of Antrim to commemorate the United Irishmen and one of the bands wore some type of symbol indicating support for the Massereene Barracks killers?"

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