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Row over Casement Park bar is settled


An ongoing row with threats of legal action to halt building work on Casement Park's planned multi-million pound redevelopment has been settled.

The revamp will make the west Belfast stadium the GAA's premier venue in Ulster.

The new 38,000-seat capacity stadium is costing £76m, but some residents remain opposed to the plans.

The old Casement Park will be demolished as part of the plans.

The row between members of a social club that operates under the current stand and the GAA saw both sides threatening legal action.

The GAA threatened to sue the members of a social club within the ground, while they had brought a legal action to halt building work.

Members of the social club felt they deserved an alternative venue during the construction and wanted to be part of the new set-up.

The club members were seeking an injunction which could have halted building work.

In a joint statement it emerged the GAA and social club members had reached agreement.


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