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Row over Union flag on top of Christmas tree


A row has erupted over a Union flag placed on top of Kilkeel's Christmas tree.

The issue was raised by Sinn Fein councillor Sean Doran at the Newry and Mourne Council meeting on Monday.

He told the Belfast Telegraph that the flag appeared at the top of the Christmas tree the day after the turning on of the lights. Ukip councillor Henry Reilly refuted this, saying its is always there.

Mr Doran said: "On Sunday I got a number of calls saying that there was a large Union Jack on top of the tree. I was very disappointed.

"As far as I'm concerned it's never been there before, and even if it was, it's a Christmas tree for the kids and there should never be a flag on it at any stage."

Mr Reilly said others were "overreacting".

He told the Belfast Telegraph: "It's not a Christmas tree imported into the area and erected specially for Christmas, it's 200 years old and sits in the car park.

"Every Twelfth of July the young ones stick a Union Jack on it and that's just been a tradition for generations."

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