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Royal baby: The local babies sharing a birthday with the princess

By Cate McCurry

These newborn babies will always share something special with the new princess - they were all born on the same day as Kate and William's daughter.

Born on Saturday at 8.34am, the royal baby girl, whose name has not yet been revealed, was introduced to the world's media just hours later.

These mothers from Northern Ireland also welcomed their newborns on Saturday.

And all of them have been given special commemorative tea towels which were designed by Ulster Weavers.

The tea towels, which are made in Northern Ireland, have been ordered by people from as far away as Canada, Japan and Europe.

Nicola Chambers, who gave birth to her first child, Oliver, said it was a special day for the family: "It was more so for my mum, because she is a royalist and loves all that stuff. It is a special time for us all and for me, but it doesn't have real significance for me the fact he was born on the same day as the royal baby."

Nicola and dad Aaron welcomed little Oliver hours before the birth of Kate Middleton's second child.

He weighed 8lb 8oz and was born at 3.32am at the Ulster Hospital.

She added: "I had a similar pregnancy to Kate's in that we both suffered from morning sickness and were overdue by a week.

"I wasn't really following her pregnancy, but people were always updating me about her."

Amber O'Hagan from Creggan in Londonderry had her first baby, Aria, at 6.05am, a couple of hours before the royal baby was born. The newborn weighed 7lbs and 4oz.

The new mum said she was "happy" for her daughter to share the same birthday as the princess and said she was a fan of Kate Middleton.

New parents Gordon (37) and 29-year-old Alison Fayers welcomed their baby girl (left) at 4pm on Saturday.

Weighing 6lbs and 5oz, the family from Dunamanagh in Co Tyrone, said it was a "special day".

Dad Gordon said: "It didn't really mean too much to us, but I suppose we are happy enough they were born on the same day. It's nice to share the same birthday as her and hopefully some day our daughter will go on to marry a prince. It was a special day to us especially as she is our first born."

In Antrim Hospital there were a total of seven girls and five boys who were born on Saturday.

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