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Royal Irish preparing for Afghanistan support role

By Rebecca Black

The First Battalion of the Royal Irish Regiment is set to deploy for the first time in around six years - to Kabul in Afghanistan.

It is some 600km away from the troops' last deployment, in Helmand Province in 2010.

The battalion is set to serve an eight-month tour of duty in the Afghan capital, and is now preparing to leave its Shropshire base. The upcoming mission will provide support to local security forces rather than combat.

Major Dan Moore said: "What we are going out to do is essentially provide security and force protection for Nato personnel in Kabul, both within Kabul city and also within the Afghan National Army officers academy.

"This tour will be much more based on support to the Afghan National Defence Security Force, as opposed to us being in the lead - we are very much there at their request and they have the lead on security matters."

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