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Royal Irish receive their shamrocks at Shropshire base

By Rebecca Black

Kalegh, a three year old Wolfhound, was flown to England for the occasion.

Soldiers from the 1st Battalion The Royal Irish Regiment have celebrated their Irish heritage with a traditional parade and the presentation of Shamrocks.  

The Royal Irish celebrate the occasion wherever they are deployed around the world - which this year is their base in Tern Hill, Shropshire.

The inspecting office was Major General Giles Hill Commander of the 1 (UK) Division. 

The General praised the unique character of the Battalion and the spirit that he had seen throughout his career before presenting the Meritorious Service Medal to Captain Steward Potter.

Ranger Michael Sloan (24) from Belfast was among those on parade and said he enjoyed the pride of the occasion.

“I’ve been all over Europe for the past year. It’s great to show some regimental pride today," he said.

Also on parade was Kalegh – a  three year old Wolfhound flown in from Ireland for the occasion. 

Kalegh is the twin sister of a family of Wolfhounds that have paraded in front of the Queen and US President Barack Obama. 

The Regiment will receive a Wolfhound puppy in late June from this distinguished blood line as a permanent addition to the Regiment.

The Commanding Officer, Lieutenant Colonel Graham Shannon said St Patrick's Day was always a very special day for all Royal Irish soldiers.

“St Patricks Day is a significant event for all Royal Irish Soldiers.  It is a chance to both celebrate the Battalions Irish roots and bond as a Regimental family," he said. 

"Looking around today I am pleased that so many friends and family of the Battalion have joined us.”

The Shropshire based Battalion have recently deployed to Germany and Spain developing the new Foxhound light armoured vehicles in 2015.

They will return to active operations when they deploy to Kabul in December.

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