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Royal Marine's anger at car attack during flag protest

A Royal Marine commando on leave from Afghanistan has hit out at loyalists after his car was attacked by protesters in Carrickfergus.

The soldier, who is due to resume his tour of duty on Wednesday training the local Afghan forces, labelled the protesters “thugs wrapped in a flag they know nothing about”.

He was in the town to visit friends on Friday night

He revealed his car had been attacked when he ran into a “roadblock” manned by around 10 protesters on the main road through the town on Friday night. The serving soldier said hundreds of pounds worth of damage had been done to his car when one of the protesters kicked it as he did a U-turn away from the blockade.

He said said the protesters were cowards. “I was driving home just before 8pm thinking the protest would be over, especially as it was lashing with rain.

“There were no police around and no diversion signs so I just drove down North Road.

“There were about 10 of these thugs standing on the roundabout on the Belfast Road and as I approached three of them, two wearing ski masks and one a Rangers scarf, stepped into the road.

“They gave me a lot of abuse, swearing at me and calling me everything, telling me to turn my f...ing car around.

“As I did so, one of them sank his boot into the back of my car, caving the whole back panel in. To say I was angry would be an understatement.

“For once I am looking forward to returning to Afghanistan to get away from all this.”

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