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'Rubberneckers' add to traffic chaos on M2 after four-car crash

By Staff Reporter

Police last night hit out at "rubberneckers" after a four-car crash closed three lanes of the M2 motorway, causing traffic chaos for commuters.

Cars heading north from the city ground to a halt after the collision yesterday afternoon.

The incident happened close to the Fortwilliam junction.

Police closed lanes one to three of the motorway.

The PSNI said the situation was made worse by passing motorists slowing down to look at the collision.

Even after the crash scene was cleared following the accident, delays continued at the Sydenham Bypass and York Street.

Emergency services attended the crash, but it is believed there were no serious injuries.

Earlier in the day, a collision at East Bridge Street sparked delays for traffic entering the city centre and caused subsequent build-ups across Belfast.

Commuters were stuck in long queues while frustrated people on crowded buses asked to be let off early as they were stuck in queues that were not moving. They were refused permission until it was considered safe to do so.

There were cheers when passengers were finally permitted to disembark and commuters made the rest of their journey on foot alongside the backed-up traffic.

A 25-year-old passenger described the chaotic scenes.

"It was mad," he said. "The traffic wasn't moving and all you could hear were people phoning their work saying they were going to be late.

"At one point, a woman asked the bus driver to let her out to walk, but she was refused. There were cheers when the doors opened. It just couldn't be helped."

Translink services were also disrupted by the gridlock.

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