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RUC daughter's revulsion over claims murder weapon was handed back to terrorists

By Staff Reporter

The daughter of an RUC officer murdered by the IRA has told of her revulsion after it emerged that the gun used to kill her father had probably been handed back to terrorists by the security forces before the shooting.

Constables Harry Beckett and Gary Meyer were shot dead in Belfast in June 1990.

A BBC Spotlight investigation last night suggested the murder weapons had previously been test-fired by a shadowy Special Branch ballistics unit known as the Weapons & Explosives Research Centre (WERC).

It was responsible for deactivating paramilitary guns handed over by informers and returning them to arms dumps.

But Spotlight suggested that two IRA guns brought in for ballistics firing were returned to the IRA arms dump in full working order. These were most likely the guns used to kill the two officers, it reported.

Mr Beckett's daughter Kathryn said the news made her feel physically sick. "I am horrified, these were my father's colleagues, employers, and they did this and allowed this to go on," she said. "Their actions in my view caused his death."

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