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RUC test of fitness 'a sexist meat market' geared towards 'blobby bobbies'

By Alex Delmar

A UK police fitness test developed by the RUC has been labelled "unfit for purpose" because it discriminates against women and is geared towards "blobby bobbies", a new study has found.

Professor Craig Jackson, head of psychology at Birmingham City University, called for the obstacle course for new recruits to be scrapped – describing how female officers were wolf-whistled at and saying the test was like a "sexist meat market".

"Lots of male officers gather round while the female recruits bounce and jiggle and run around, and they're wolf-whistling and clapping," Prof Jackson said.

The research found women taking part in the test were nearly nine times more likely to fail than males.

His study has been criticised, however. Assistant Chief Constable Robin Merrett, head of the College's of Policing's national fitness working group, said: "There is no obstacle course or upper strength testing as part of the new annual fitness test.

"We will be ensuring that the fitness test does not discriminate against gender or other groups."

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