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Runner Pat (75) raises £3,500 funds for multiple sclerosis

By Brendan McDaid

Northern Ireland's 75-year-old running man has raised almost £50,000 in the past decade to help advance treatment for multiple sclerosis sufferers.

Pat O’Loughlin handed over his latest cheque in Londonderry recently after successfully completing his 33rd Dublin marathon to raise funds for MS research.

The Castlederg jeweller has completed every marathon in the Irish capital since it was introduced in 1980.

Despite having to battle prostate cancer and undergo radiotherapy in recent years, Pat has made the starting line every year.

Along with running partner Jenny McMenamin, Pat raised £3,500 this year. He presented his cheque at an MS Society information day in Derry.

Pat was inspired by friend John Doherty, whose son Ian was diagnosed with MS 12 years ago. He has since raised over £45,000 for multiple sclerosis research at the University of Cambridge.

The Cambridge Centre for Myelin Repair was set up by the MS Society in 2005 to develop and test therapies that regenerate lost myelin in people with MS.

With MS, the body's immune system damages the protective coating on nerves, called myelin, inside the brain and spinal cord.

Patricia Gordon, MS society director, said: “On behalf of our members I would like to thank Pat, his running mate Jenny and all his supporters for raising such a large sum of money to support this vital research”.

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