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Russell Brand: I'll buy City worker a hot paella

By Alexander Ward

Russell Brand has apologised to the City worker whose lunch he ruined by staging a protest outside RBS offices - and offered to buy him a "hot paella to make up for the one that went cold".

Mr Brand yesterday responded to the open letter in which Joseph Kynaston Reeves, a business analyst at First Derivatives who is from Bangor in Co Down, accused him of bullying and rudeness.

The letter became an instant online hit.

"I'd like to say sorry for your paella getting cold. It's not nice to suffer because of actions that are nothing to do with you," Brand replied.

"I imagine the disabled people of our country who have been hit with £6bn of benefit cuts during the period that RBS received £46bn of public bail-out money feel similarly cheesed off."

He described Mr Kynaston Reeves' spoiled lunch as "an unwitting casualty" in his "well-intentioned quest" to challenge capitalism.

Mr Kynaston Reeves, who works in London during the week, said the day his blog went viral was the "weirdest of my life".

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