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Russell Brand 'publicity stunt' ridiculed by RBS worker from Bangor

Comedian ruined my lunch by storming bank, says worker from Co Down

By Joanne Fleming

A disgruntled Royal Bank of Scotland worker from Co Down has written an open letter to Russell Brand complaining that he "ruined his lunch" after the comedian stormed the bank.

Business analyst Jo Kynaston Reeves, from Bangor, condemned the publicity stunt as "completely futile" in the hilarious letter.

Brand (39,) marched into Joe's RBS London offices last week to protest against capitalism to the bemusement of staff shut out during a security lockdown.

Following the publication of his recent book Revolution, the comedian has been making a number of high-profile appearances at Downing Street and on BBC's Question Time to take on who he feels is at the heart of social injustice in Britain - among them big banks.

The letter, published on Jo's blog called Squander Two, hits out at the comedian, claiming he staged a "completely futile publicity stunt instead of doing something potentially educational".

Jo (40) who does not claim to be speaking on behalf of RBS and says he is not one of its big earners, also likens Brand to a "school bully".

He goes on to criticise the "puerile self-aggrandising antics of a prancing multi-millionaire".

"You started going on at me about public money and bankers' bonuses, but look, Russell, anyone who knows me will tell you that my food is important to me, and I hadn't had breakfast that morning, and I'd been standing in the freezing cold for half an hour on your whim," the letter reads.

"What mattered to me at the time wasn't bonuses; it was my lunch, so I said so.

"Which is a great shame, because I'd usually be well up for a proper barney with you, and the points you made do actually deserve answers. Although not - and I really can't emphasise this enough, Russell - not as much as I deserve lunch."

Jo continued: "My first question is, what were you hoping to achieve? Did you think a pack of traders might gallop through reception, laughing maniacally as they threw burning banknotes in the air, quaffing champagne, and brutally thrashing the ornamental paupers that they keep on diamante leashes - and you, Russell, would damningly catch them in the act? But that's on Tuesdays.

"I get it, Russell, I do: footage of being asked to leave by security is good footage. It looks like you're challenging the system and the powers that be want your voice suppressed... But all it really means... is that you don't have an appointment.

"But instead of doing something potentially educational, Russell, you staged a completely futile publicity stunt. You turned up and weren't allowed in. Big wow. You know what would have happened if a rabid capitalist had just turned up unannounced? They wouldn't have been allowed in either. You know what I have in my pocket? A security pass. Unauthorised people aren't allowed in.

"Obviously. That's not a global conspiracy, Russell..."

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