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Ryanair flight took off with wrong luggage on board

Holidaymakers faced an unexpected travel hitch after their flight took off with the wrong luggage on board.

The incident happened on a Ryanair flight leaving the City of Derry airport bound for Alicante in Spain.

Passengers were 20 minutes in to the flight on Monday evening when the captain announced he was turning the plane round and heading back to Derry.

It transpired that the aircraft had taken off with luggage from its previous flight still on board.

The plane landed back in Northern Ireland to enable the rogue bags to be finally unloaded before taking off again.

A Ryanair spokesman explained: "This flight from Derry to Alicante returned to Derry shortly after take-off to unload baggage from the previous flight, which the third party ground handling agent had failed to remove before take-off.

"The aircraft landed normally, the baggage was removed and the flight departed to Alicante. Ryanair apologised to customers affected by this short delay."


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