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Ryanair: I only found out by accident my flights had been cancelled


Angry: Richard McKee

Angry: Richard McKee

Angry: Richard McKee

A Northern Ireland man has vowed never to fly with Ryanair again after he only found out by accident that his flights had been cancelled.

It comes as Ryanair announced it will suspend flights from Belfast to London Gatwick airport between November and March.

Richard McKee from Kilkeel said he booked the flights around two months ago from Belfast to Gatwick for November 10 returning on November 12.

He is just one of many that have voiced their outrage at the cancellations.

The 27 year-old said he didn't receive an email from Ryanair about the cancellations and only found out when he was on the app looking at another flight.

He booked the flights to travel to London for Remembrance weekend and he already has hotels, car parking and the Gatwick Express transport booked and paid for.

He said: "I haven't had a single email or message.

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"The only way I caught on was I was going on to book flights for somewhere else and looked on the app to get a price and a notification came up.

"But there was nothing before I went into the app.

"A banner appeared in red saying 'flight information'.

"I clicked on it out of curiosity and it said 'flight has been cancelled'.

"I thought it was a strange way to do it. No emails, no way of contacting you.

"I know the flight isn't for another month, but I thought for something so major they would give you a bit of notice instead of you having to find out yourself."

He added: "When I looked yesterday I wasn't too impressed.

"I don't think I'd be in a hurry to fly with them again.

"I'd pay a few pounds extra and go for a different airline."

He said there was no alternative flight offered in the information and just a refund.

And because he has everything else booked he will still go to London - but now has to book new flights.

He said: "It's a bit of a disaster.

"It's a bit of bad press for them. I've never had any problem with them before, but this leaves a bad taste in your mouth.

"It's different if your bag goes missing - but when it comes to something as bad as that with so many people affected, people don't forget as easy."

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