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Sainsbury's fuel cuts spark new forecourt price war

By Peter Woodman

Motorists are to get a boost as supermarkets start to slash the price of fuel.

Sainsbury's led the way by announcing that from tomorrow it would be cutting the price of its petrol and its diesel by up to 5p a litre.

Then Asda announced that from tomorrow it would be reducing its petrol by up to 1p a litre and diesel by up to 2p a litre.

This was followed by Tesco saying that, also from tomorrow, it would be cutting the cost of its petrol and its diesel by up to 5p a litre.

RAC fuel spokesman Simon Williams said: "The wholesale price of both petrol and diesel has been low for around three months and as a result motorists have been enjoying some of the cheapest prices for over three years, but this cut will take us to a new low, the likes of which we haven't seen since late 2010, early 2011 when the price of petrol and diesel unfortunately jumped by 10p a litre in just a few months.

"Since the Scottish referendum the pound has rallied against the dollar which has created a much-appreciated downward pressure on fuel prices which are traded in dollars. It's great news for motorists that this is being swiftly passed on by responsible retailers at the pumps."

AA spokesman Luke Bosdet said: "A 5p cut in the price of petrol, lopping £2.50 off the cost of filling a typical fuel tank, will be particularly welcome as families get back to school runs and into their autumn routines."

Drivers in Northern Ireland routinely pay more for fuel than those in the rest of the UK and cuts in the forecourt price often take longer to reach here.

There is also controversy over the way some supermarkets here charge different prices at diferent outlets with consuemr advocates calling for an end to the practice.

Motorists here will have to wait and see just how deep and how fast any cuts at the pumps from the big retailers hit.

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