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Sales at ice cream firm up a cool 40% as demand soars

Donna Deeney

By Donna Deeney

Sales of ice cream at Morelli's has gone into overdrive as people try to cool down in the soaring temperatures.

The award winning Coleraine company supplies around 50 different flavours of ice cream to all the major supermarkets and has its own three shops along the North Coast.

Production is already up by 40% from this time last year according to company director and owner, Arnaldo Morelli.

"People in Northern Ireland love ice cream at any time of the year but since this heatwave began the demand has gone through the roof," he said.

I've been working in wholesale since 1998 and this is definitely the busiest I have seen things in those 20 years.

"Last week we sold around 25,000 litres of ice cream all over Ireland which is around 40% above last year.

"Meeting that demand is difficult because we make over 50 flavours and it is hard to keep them all in stock all the time - but our top three flavours of vanilla, honeycomb and raspberry ripple are plentiful. At the minute we are making about 5,000 litres a day and it is all going out of the factory as fast as we can get it."

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