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Salmond dismisses peace fears

Alex Salmond has dismissed fears that an independent Scotland could disrupt the peace process in Northern Ireland.

The SNP leader insisted former Northern Ireland first minister David Trimble's concerns about an independent Scotland had been misrepresented by some as a warning about potential disruption.

Mr Salmond said: "I saw that argument run in a statement from David Trimble, and then about 10 minutes later I saw David appear on the radio saying of course that what he was actually arguing is that you can make argument to the contrary.

"That an exemplar of peaceful change might provide a good example for all societies, not just Northern Ireland, of how substantial constitutional change can be achieved in a peaceful consented process."

Speaking at a pro-independence rally in Edinburgh, Mr Salmond added: "I think Ireland has demonstrated in many areas that it itself is a strong competitor of its economy.

"I think competition is a good thing in terms of generating more economic activity.

"The Republic of Ireland is an economy in substantial recovery, and I am quite certain that we will be close friends and colleagues, and occasionally in competition.

"I think one of the most interesting examples of the No campaign blundering is that last week they paid a visit to Tennent's brewery making the case that British companies, as they put it, employ so many people in Scotland.

"I wasn't sure about the argument they were making anyway, but of course Tennent's is owned by a company based and located in the Irish Republic.

"I think their mistakes are one of the reasons why we are winning."


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