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Salon aiming to be cut above rest as it ends gender pricing

By Donna Deeney

Two entrepreneurial hairdressers in Londonderry have decided to give traditional male and female price lists the chop - all in the name of equality and fairness.

Traditionally, women can pay anywhere from £30 to £70 for a haircut and blow dry, while men are often charged less than a tenner.

RoCo, founded by Conor Grant and Ronan Stewart, is the the first salon anywhere in Ireland to base the price paid on the length of a client's hair and the service provided - and not on being male or female.

According to the owners, they are joining a growing trend in other parts of the world to do away with the "massively outdated" policy of charging prices based on gender.

Ronan explained: "It's been custom and practice in most hair salons to charge more or less for a service based on the client's gender, rather than the length of hair.

"We believe that introducing one generic pricing system will help us to promote fairness and equality across our salon.

"The same non-gender pricing system will also apply to kids aged under seven, and for those aged seven to 16 years old."

The owners said the prices charged across the board should reflect the amount of time taken, the skills needed and the products used, instead of the customer's gender.

Conor added: "Having researched the issue of gendered pricing in close consultation with our clients, we are satisfied that the new gender neutral structure is the best way forward and we look forward to hearing feedback from new and existing customers in the weeks and months ahead.

"We hope that other hair salons will follow our example, and cut gender out of their pricing.

"We believe it is much more inclusive and will help provide an even more welcoming and relaxing experience for all of our valued clients.

"Our home city is well-known in leading the way in so many aspects of life which promote respect, equality and diversity and we see our business model as adopting similar principles to avoid discrimination in any form."

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