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Sammy the swan's on a wing and a prayer after electrifying experience

By Linda Stewart

This is the unlucky swan who is now back with his friends after an shocking experience.

The one-year-old male - dubbed Sammy the Swan by his rescuers - was left stunned and weak after he flew into electric cables in Carrickfergus on Thursday.

But a concerned member of the public who witnessed the incident on North Road contacted Farmhill Veterinary Clinic in the town and a vet and a nurse went down to pick him up.

Joanna Davidson from the surgery explained to the Belfast Telegraph: "He flew into some electric cables down at the bottom of the North Road and they called us on Thursday morning to go and pick him up.

"He was very sick and concussed and really weak but there was nothing obviously wrong with him.

"We carried out some X-rays on his neck and chest and he had some glucose by injection to bring him round a wee bit."

Vet Rebekah Stafford gave him a bit of TLC and soon Sammy was back on his feet and hissing at everyone - so much so that vets had to take measures to stop him from going on the attack.

"They put a bandage round his beak to keep him under control because they do give quite a nip," Joanna said. "Nobody got injured and he was very well behaved today."

Sammy was hatched last year and is an older cygnet, still with some grey feathers in his plumage.

After he recovered he was taken to the leisure centre in the hope that he would join up with the flock there.

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