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Sammy Wilson in storm over Met Office bonuses

By Tom Moseley

DUP MP Sammy Wilson has taken aim at the Met Office after uncovering details of staff bonus payments.

Mr Wilson claimed forecasters were being rewarded for failure after making "dramatic mistakes" when predicting the weather.

Met Office officials hit back at the DUP MP, saying it was his criticism, not their predictions, that was inaccurate.

Mr Wilson, the MP for East Antrim, asked for details of bonus payments for staff over the past five years.

Business Minister Ed Davey told Mr Wilson performance-related pay was agreed against specific targets, and had to be "re-earned" every year.

Just over £3.3m came into this category last year, and around £15m over the past five years, with a 30% increase since 2006. But the average staff award was just £1,809.

Mr Wilson said: "It's a bit ironic in the week that the Prime Minister has talked about ending this bonus culture, that a Government body awarded its staff a 30% hike in bonuses."

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