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Sammy Wilson 'wrong' to say RHI deal on the cards, says Sinn Fein minister O Muilleoir

Sinn Fein Finance Minister Mairtin O' Muilleoir has said Sammy Wilson is wrong to say his party and the DUP are 'close to a deal' on how the projected Renewable Heating Incentive £490m overspend can be tackled.

On Thursday the DUP said it was confident Sinn Fein would support its proposals to claw back the overspend in the 'cash for ash' scandal - and that the collapse of the Executive and a snap election will be avoided.

Sammy Wilson accused Mairtin O Muilleoir of "grandstanding" after the Sinn Fein Finance Minister dismissed the DUP's plan, insisting that if Arlene Foster didn't temporarily step aside the Executive would fall after a supposed "clear the air" meeting with DUP Economy Minister Simon Hamilton.

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  Sammy Wilson believes Sinn Fein will back DUP plans to avoid Stormont collapse

He told the Belfast Telegraph: "The recent shouting match between ourselves and Sinn Fein is just a blip.

"I don't for a second believe that Sinn Fein wants to collapse the political institutions. They are looking for an exit, and the way out for them is to endorse our proposals."

"The Finance Minister must decide if he is more interested in his ego, in being the big man in the big picture, or saving public money.

"I believe that the Executive will look at our plan maturely, and that all the jumping up and down from Sinn Fein will end next week. Accepting a proposal to help the public purse should override any desire to keep Arlene on the spit."

The finance minister took to Twitter to respond on Friday lunchtime.

"Sammy Wilson wrong to introduce #RHI. Wrong on Econ Minister not needing my sign-off for 'interim plan'. Wrong on 'deal on cards'," he tweeted.

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