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Sandy Row kids' party goes ahead

By Rebecca Black

A children's party in a loyalist neighbourhood which was cancelled when council funding was withdrawn at the last minute has gone ahead.

Funding for the Sandy Row Fun Day event was withheld by Belfast City Council less than 24 hours before the event was due to take place on Monday.

Organisers said the council had told them their Eleventh Night bonfire was too big when informing them the funding had been stopped. Determined to carry on regardless, the south Belfast community appealed for locals to help them press ahead with the event, saying it was "not fair the kids have to suffer".

The party, complete with a long table down the centre of Sandy Row, went ahead yesterday afternoon.

In a social media post, organisers thanked those who had helped. "Have to say how proud I am of the Sandy Row Community and the wider PUL family for pulling together," they said.

"Thanks to Orange Hall & others for their offers of support to make the party happen. The children's fun day will go ahead & the bonfire will happen. The only thing this decision from City Council & Sinn Fein has done is strengthen our resolve."

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