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Sat nav driver ends up on fourth tee of Belfast golf course

By Mark Edwards

A driver has told of how he ended up in the middle of the Ormeau Golf Club after following his Sat Nav while trying to get to the Ozone complex in Belfast.

Aaron Fulton, greenkeeper at the golf club, speaking on the BBC's Nolan Show, said he came into work on Tuesday morning only to discover a silver Renault car parked beside the fourth tee.

While telling Stephen Nolan about the bizarre scene, the driver of the vehicle returned for his car, only to be put live on air on the Nolan show to explain himself.

Trevor, from Ballygowan, said: “I am helping out as a volunteer at the Belfast Marathon on May Day and I came down last night because I know the Ormeau Embankment will be closed off and I wanted to see if I could get into the OZone from the Ravenhill Road only to discover 'oh, this is the Ormeau Golf Club'.

"I came in, realised I was in the wrong place, turned to go out and after all that heavy rain I ended up a couple of inches into the grass.

"I thought ‘I don’t want to make a mess of this’ so I will stop and I will wait for someone this morning to come and get me out.

"Little did I know I would be speaking to your good self this morning!”

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