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Scarva plays host to huge crowds for Sham fight

The Rodens family from Belfast, Tom (1), Laura, Paul and Laicee (5)
The Rodens family from Belfast, Tom (1), Laura, Paul and Laicee (5)
DUP MLA Carla Condell Lockhart with baby Charlie (10 weeks)
Cousins Emily Farr (5) and Tommy Watson (7)
Roughan Silver Band members (from left) Leah and Sarah Maxwell and Sarah and Hannah Ferguson
Actors playing King Billy and King James conclude the Sham fight

By Staff Reporter

Thousands descended on Scarva for Saturday's annual Sham fight.

Organisers said around 100,000 attended the re-enactment of the 1690 Battle of the Boyne.

King William and King James met to act out the victory - the only display of its kind in Northern Ireland.

They were accompanied by horses and soldiers dressed in period costume, adding to the grandeur of the occasion.

William's victory might have been a foregone conclusion, but onlookers still cheered the spectacle.

Rev William Anderson, sovereign grand master of the Royal Black Institution, took to the platform at Scarva Demesne calling for respect for one another.

"Without boundaries, without guidelines, without true respect for one another, then we become simply an ignorant self-centred tribe of people, that will turn upon itself," he told the crowd.

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