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School reunion raises cash for worthy causes

by Bob Malcolm

Last week (March 25) saw the ex–pupils of Deramore High School holding a school reunion, not only to rekindle old friendships, but to raise funds for two charities.

Deramore was a high school in south Belfast, that until 1998 was situated where the Annadale embankement housing development stands.

The ex–pupils reunited on internet social networking sites and Diane Armstrong, who organised the event said she could only get it to go ahead by charging people to attend the event.

“There has never been a successful reunion before but we’ve got just over 200 people on the list,” said Ms Armstrong.

She said: “I could only confirm attendance by asking people to pay £10 to come.

“But after paying all the overheads I decided that all profits should go to charity.”

She said the event had a DJ and a ballet and the Halifax bank provided the giant cheques for the event.

“The two charities we are donating money to are Assissi and Action Cancer,” said Diane: “£670 was raised for each charity and I’m trying to raise even more for Assissi, I was talking to them today about doing more events for them.

“Leonard Totten is trekking to Tanzania in aid of Action Cancer and has raised over £18,000 over the last few years . He and some other people are going to do the trek.”

Ms Armstrong said she would be looking to do bag packing in a local supermarket to raise more funds for Assissi and also get together with an old Deramore teacher to get a pub quiz organised for ex-pupils and friends.

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