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School sends adorable letter to pupils ahead of tests

By Rebecca Black

Children at a rural Co Armagh primary school received some surprising homework in their bags ahead of their end-of-year tests.

Instead of the usual homework and revision, children at Darkley Primary School were told to go on bike rides, have some ice cream and laugh until their tummies hurt rather than worry about their exams.

The list even warned children off revising for any more than one hour.

Principal Sean Hart and a teacher signed off the letter telling the children that they don't need to worry - they would do it for them.

"You are amazing and we couldn't be more proud of you," they added. He said the initiative came from one of his teachers and they thought it was a lovely idea.

"What happened was one of our teachers was preparing a resource for her class for home and came across the idea of the homework on the internet," he said.

"We do our end-of-year tests this week for P3-P7, and we ease off on the homework because we know the children are doing tests so we liked the idea as a whole school approach.

"It was very much in keeping with our pastoral care approach because all the activities were geared towards easing the pressure on our children - we wanted them to go out, enjoy themselves, relax and not worry about doing the tests this week.

"One parent really liked the approach and posted it on Facebook and because of that it has gone viral." Since then the advice has spread across the UK, and been shared thousands of times on Facebook.

One parent said she had shared it with her children in England who are going through the SATS tests this week.

"Big pressure on them - thankfully there are still some thoughtful teachers who recognise childhood should be fun," the mum wrote.

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