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Schoolgirl’s rapist back behind bars after arrest for burglary

By Michael Donnolly

A rapist who taunted the mother of his victim over the phone has been jailed for two years after he tried to break into a house just weeks after he was released from a jail term for the sex attack.

Michael Quinn (21) was jailed in 2007 for twice raping an 15-year-old English schoolgirl.

Quinn had threatened the girl with a screwdriver and after brutally raping her, took her mobile phone and rang her mother telling her: “I enjoyed raping your girl.”

Quinn was handed an eight-year term for the attack but was released in August last year.

Belfast Crown Court yesterday heard that just six weeks after being released Quinn had been caught trying to burgle a house.

Prosecuting lawyer Jonathan Lowry told the court that police received a 999 call in the early hours of October 19 from a woman saying a man was trying to break into her home on Marlborough Park Central in south Belfast.

A dog handler rushed to the scene and the dog sniffed out Quinn, who was hiding under a nearby hedge.

The lawyer added that police found that two windows of the house had been tampered with and a Toyota Carina car parked next door had been broken into.

The keys to the next door house were also found in the back door.

Mr Lowry said Quinn asked police: “Since when has breaking into a car been burglary?”

Quinn, formerly from Glasvey Drive in west Belfast but whose address was given as c/o the Juvenile Justice Centre in Bangor, later pleaded guilty to attempted burglary, attempting to steal the car and breaching a Sexual Offences Prevention Order (SOPO).

The lawyer revealed that a week before he was released, a magistrate imposed an interim SOPO compelling Quinn to abide by hostel rules, not to leave the hostel alone and barring him from drinking. Mr Lowry said despite the court order, Quinn had been “aggressive to staff”, had failed to sign in or out of the hostel, “was under the influence of something” when he was arrested and had left alone on the night of the attempted burglary.

Yesterday defence lawyer Barry Gibson said that since his arrest for the rapes aged 16, Quinn has spent just six-and-a-half weeks outside custody.

As well as the two-year jail term, Belfast Recorder Judge Tom Burgess also imposed a SOPO, which will remain in effect “until further order from the court”. As part of that order Quinn faces a number of conditions, including being prohibited from living anywhere without permission from his risk manager and leaving Northern Ireland.

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