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Schoolgirls who became mums - cases that hit the headlines

By Staff Reporter

A north Belfast woman became one of the UK's youngest grandmothers earlier this year when her 15-year-old daughter gave birth.

The 30-year-old mother-of-two was reportedly "over the Moon" following the birth of her granddaughter.

Her teenage daughter welcomed her "princess" into the world in July along with her 17-year-old boyfriend by her side at a Belfast hospital.

After discovering late last year that her daughter was pregnant, the gran-to-be vowed to help her cope with parenthood at such a young age, drawing on her own experience of becoming a mum at 14 herself.

She may be a young grandmother, but the Belfast woman is four years older than the Yorkshire woman who became Britain's youngest ever granny in recent times in 1999.

At the time the 26-year-old woman said she had been devastated when her 12-year-old daughter gave birth. The youngster, who was in her second year at comprehensive school, had the baby in the bathroom of their home in Rotherham, South Yorkshire. She had not known she was pregnant.

South Yorkshire Police said at the time that the girl was a victim of crime.

In 2009, 11-year-old Kordeza Zhelyazkova was still in her wedding dress when she went into labour and was taken to hospital.

Baby Violeta was born just 20 minutes later in Sliven, Bulgaria. Kordeza had fallen pregnant within a week of meeting her husband in the playground of her Roma school where he rescued her from bullies.

In 1997, 12-year-old Jenny Teague, of Dorset, became pregnant after a night of "experimenting" with a 13-year-old boyfriend, and did not realise she would have a baby until she was eight months pregnant.

Last year another 12-year-old girl in London gave birth to a child after she became pregnant while still at primary school at the age of 11. Her boyfriend was 13 at the time. They are believed to be Britain's youngest parents.

The girl's father vowed to stand by his daughter, but he admitted that he "broke down with emotion" when he discovered she was pregnant.

The young mum is now back at school and said to be getting top marks. She leaves her daughter with her mother, who is still only 28, to look after while she attends lessons.

In 2010 the UK's youngest parents were thought to be 14-year-old schoolchildren April Webster and Nathan Fishbourne from Caerphilly, south Wales.

April fell pregnant when they were both 13. When little Jamie was born, his teenage mum said that although he wasn't planned, she was "going to be a great mum for him. He's perfect and I'm going to give him everything he ever wants".

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