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School's anti-drugs message for big stage

A NORTH Belfast school is set to take its staged anti-drugs message to England.

Little Flower Girls' School came second in the Rock Challenge dance competition in the Waterfront Hall back in April - and this week they travel to Grimsby to take part in Global Rock Challenge 2012.

Rock Challenge is a series of performing arts events which promote healthy life choices among adolescents.

The challenge is for the students and their teachers to create and be involved in their own production - from idea through to the live performance.

The aim is to help young people to be the best that they can without the use of nicotine, alcohol or other drugs.

Little Flower Girls School's performance was entitled 'If I Was a Rich Girl', which told of a young girl living in the slums of Las Vegas.

One evening a rich gambler gives her a fur coat to keep warm and a scratch card.

She ends up winning $100,000 and ends up blowing the money in Vegas casinos.

The message from the creative students is: money can't buy you happiness, it's friends that matter.

Danielle Sampson, teacher and Rock Challenge co-ordinator at Little Flower Girls' School, said of the nationwide final in Grimsby: "Everyone is very excited, it's a nice way to finish the year, because everyone has worked so hard.

"It has created a buzz in the school, the entire staff has got behind it.

"We are confident as well, it's a once in a lifetime opportunity. It would be great if we won."

The school had 72 dancers and 16 stage crew involved in the eight-minute performance, which features various hit songs, including If I Was A Rich Girl by Gwen Stefani and Don't Stop Me Now by Queen.

Pupils have been fundraising very hard in school to pay for the trip to Grimsby.

They had a bag-pack in Tesco, a Night of the Races in Cliftonville Bowling Club and every year group in the school supported them through various fundraising activities such as discos, sweet sales and raffles.

Little Flower Girls' School came second in the regional competition, behind fellow north Belfast school Hazlewood Integrated Primary School, who will also compete in the final.


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