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Sci-fi to be filmed at beauty spot

Roe Valley Country Park in Co Londonderry is being used as a location for the latest blockbuster to be filmed in Northern Ireland.

The production company behind the sci-fi film Dracula Year Zero will shoot at the Limavady beauty spot for two days this week.

Environment Minister Mark H Durkan said: "We have wonderful landscapes in Northern Ireland. We are enriched with attractive country parks. Roe Valley is just one example and films such as this provide a great opportunity to showcase our natural beauty both locally and on a world stage.

"While we apologise for any minor inconvenience this may cause to the visiting public, there is no doubt that the spin-off publicity will ultimately lead to many more tourist visits. Therefore, the net benefits to the park, to the town of Limavady and to the rest of the North would far exceed any short-term inconvenience.

"I would like to see the film industry get their teeth, even more, into DOE sites and properties, and certainly am available to listen to any potential projects. "

The film stars Luke Evans from Fast and Furious. The storyline based on the original Bram Stoker novel retells how Vlad, Prince of Transylvania, becomes a vampire to defeat the Turkish army who are trying to take over his kingdom.


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