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Scotland 'best in the United Kingdom for IVF treatment'

By Ella Pickover

Northern Ireland, England and Wales lag behind Scotland in the fertility treatment availability, a campaign group has said.

The nation stands "head and shoulders" above the rest of the UK for IVF, said Fertility Fairness co-chair Susan Seenan.

"The Scottish Government brought in equity of provision in 2013 and is committing to delivering the clinically recommended three IVF cycles," she added.

"It is also relaxing access criteria and will offer fertility treatment to couples where one partner has no biological child.

"This increase in access is fantastic news for people in Scotland affected by fertility problems, and we commend the Scottish Government for recognising the importance of treating this and backing it up.

Sarah Norcross, second co-chair of the organisation, said: "We urge the rest of the UK to follow the Scottish Government's lead and to take immediate action to stop the rationing of fertility treatment."

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