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SDLP candidate's windscreen smashed

An SDLP election candidate in Northern Ireland suffered minor injuries after her car windscreen was smashed.

Dolores Kelly was in her car in Lurgan, Co Armagh, at a railway crossing when the window was shattered.

She was close to the Kilwilkie housing estate where dissident republicans have been active. She sustained cuts to her hand.

It follows Thursday night's attack on canvassers for party colleague Patsy McGlone's Northern Ireland Assembly bid in which a petrol bomb was placed under their car in Coagh, Co Tyrone, but failed to cause injury.

Ms Kelly said: "I have no doubt my car was deliberately targeted by these mindless hooligans who are intent on wreaking havoc in this area.

"Despite the damage to my car, which will require a new windscreen, and my injuries it will not stop me from speaking out against those engaging in anti-social behaviour.

"Just like my colleagues in Tyrone who were attacked with a petrol bomb, we in the SDLP are determined to stand strong against all forms of violence and intimidation."

A brick or rock was thrown through the windscreen. Ms Kelly was able to drive to the nearby police station but was left badly shaken.

This is the second time in a year she has been targeted. The former Policing Board member has also been threatened because of her work with the police.


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