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SDLP MLA calls for Arlene Foster to resign over Good Friday Agreement comments

Arlene Foster (David Cheskin/PA)
Arlene Foster (David Cheskin/PA)

SDLP MLA Daniel McCrossan has called on Arlene Foster to resign as DUP leader after she suggested the Good Friday Agreement could be altered to achieve a Brexit deal.

Speaking to the Daily Telegraph Mrs Foster said it was wrong to think that the 1998 peace agreement was "sacrosanct".

She suggested that the agreement was acting as a barrier to a Brexit deal.

“It has been deeply frustrating to hear people who voted remain and in Europe talk about Northern Ireland as though we can’t touch the Belfast Agreement. Things evolve, even in the EU context," Mrs Foster said.

“There has been a lot of misinterpretation, holding it up as a sacrosanct piece of legislation.”

The DUP did not back the Good Friday Agreement, though at the time Mrs Foster was a member of the UUP, who did support it.

She said that the agreement had "changed on a number of occasions recently.. It has been changed by St Andrews, by the Stormont House Agreement. It is not something that should be treated as something which is infallible, it is a thing of its time and changable."

In the wake of her comments Mr McCrossan said that Mrs Foster should do the "honourable thing and resign" or at "the very least" take a long holiday.

"You’re out of control and wrong to say the Good Friday Agreement is not "sacrosanct"," the West Tyrone MLA wrote on social media.

"It’s a treaty lodged with the UN and fully endorsed by 676,966 (71%) of NI voters.

Daniel McCrossan
Daniel McCrossan

"Far more than 349,442 (44%) who voted Leave.

"You’re hugely divisive and dangerous - each and every time you open your mouth you put your foot in it!"

The DUP has yet to respond to a request for comment on Mr McCrossan's statement.

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