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SDLP says Eames and Bradley set benchmark

By Noel McAdam

Plans for dealing with the legacy of the Troubles have been repeatedly watered down over recent years, the SDLP has insisted.

In a warning yesterday to the DUP and Sinn Fein which dominate the Stormont Executive, Colum Eastwood's party argued the "scale, powers and ambition" for tackling the past are being "degraded".

It argued that the Eames/ Bradley blueprint of 2009 can be regarded as a "high water mark".

The party's submission on the Executive's envisaged 'Programme for Government' includes proposals for a total of 50 pieces of legislation, including the transfer of local regeneration powers to councils and a marriage equality bill for gay and bisexual couples.

And on Brexit, the nationalist party pledged to use "every means at our disposal to frustrate" the UK withdrawal from the EU. It also plans to introduce licensing for bonfires, implement an Irish Language Act and provide for 30 hours a week free childcare.

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