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SDLP's Attwood challenges Cameron over Euro ‘walkout’

By Steven McCaffery

Political leaders in Northern Ireland and Scotland are challenging David Cameron over his decision to veto agreement in the European Union.

Environment Minister Alex Attwood said the PM’s decision could have major implications for the relationship between the devolved administrations and their European neighbours.

The Stormont minister said he will call for the UK's regional leaders to seek talks on the issue with Mr Cameron.

“The decision of the Prime Minister has fundamental and far reaching consequences for people in the north and our government must recognise that,” said the SDLP Assemblyman.

“That is why I am writing to the First and Deputy First Ministers urging that they speak with their counterparts in Scotland and Wales to convene an urgent meeting with the Prime Minister to work through the consequences of his decision.

“David Cameron must account for his conduct and his decision, not just in London, but to administrations in Belfast, Edinburgh and Cardiff.”

The SDLP man branded the Conservative Party leader's actions as a “walkout”, which Mr Attwood said had “particularly negative implications” for Northern Ireland and its trading relationship with the Republic of Ireland.

In Scotland, First Minister Alex Salmond accused Mr Cameron of “blundering into the UK's relationship with the European Union” without discussion with his coalition colleagues or the devolved administrations.

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