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SDLP's Sharon Haughey becomes Armagh's first Lord Mayor

The SDLP’s Sharon Haughey has been elected Armagh’s first Lord Mayor.

The city was granted the right to call its first citizen Lord Mayor by the Queen as part of the Diamond Jubilee celebrations.

It is the only place in Northern Ireland apart from Belfast allowed to confer the honorific title. In the Republic, Dublin and Cork have Lord Mayors

Last night Ms Haughey (31) vowed to represent all the people of Armagh and to focus her efforts on maximising the area’s full economic potential.

“As Lord Mayor I will establish an economic taskforce for Armagh to create a masterplan to maximise upon our full jobs potential,” she said.

The Clady woman first hit the headlines when, as a schoolgirl of 14, she wrote to President Bill Clinton. She used her letter to express her hopes for a peaceful future and invited him to come and see Northern Ireland.

When Mr Clinton first came here in 1995, he quoted from her letter. When he returned and visited Armagh in 1998, she was chosen to present him before a worldwide television audience.

She continued her association with the Clintons by working in Senator Hillary Clinton’s office on Capitol Hill in 2003.

Ms Haughey has been a city councillor in Armagh since 2005.

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