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Search on to re-home dog cruelly used as bait in fight

By Joanne Sweeney

Hopes are high that a rescued dog thought to have been cruelly used as bait in a dog fight will find a new safe and loving home.

The dog is missing his left ear but survived the attack, which is rarely the outcome for most dogs used in Northern Ireland's vicious dog fighting circles.

Staff at the Benvardin animal shelter in Ballymoney believe that the four-year-old's ear had been ripped off by another dog in a pre-arranged fight.

The unnamed cross-breed of German shepherd and greyhound was discovered wandering around in a pitiful state by a dog warden before being brought to Benvardin on Monday.

A member of Benvardin staff said: "The dog is recovering well after surgery and being stitched up.

"He actually looks worse now than when he came in as his fur had to be cut and you can see the entire bite mark on his skin and there is no doubt that he was attacked by another dog.

"Often cross-breeds like him are bred specifically for dog fights as they are big enough to give a fighting dog a bit of a contest.

"We think he must have been lucky enough to escape from where he had been kept.

"There is no reason why he shouldn't find a new home although he's still being a bit frightened around people, which is very understandable.

"But he's still a very placid and friendly dog and it would be great if he could find a new home."

The photographs of the dog's injury attracted calls from Facebook users to find those responsible and to bring them to justice.

One Facebook user, Terie Taylor, wrote: 'I hope to God you get these people for this and prosecute them to highest level and not the usual slap on the wrist they get'.

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