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Section of track is named in medic John Hinds' honour

By David Young

As the Tandragee 100 road race gets under way this morning it has been revealed that part of the course has been named Doc John's Rise, in honour of 'flying doctor' John Hinds, who was tragically killed in a crash at Skerries in July 2015.

Anne Forsythe, one of the Tandragee 100 organisers, said last night that the club had been thinking about renaming a part of the course since last summer.

"There had been several suggestions, and we finally settled on the spot after meeting Dr Janet Acheson, John's partner and ensuring she was happy with our suggestion," she said.

"Janet said she had fond memories of John talking about that particular spot - on the Cabra Straight, between Marlacoo Corner and Castle Corner. She said that he liked that part of the course because it was fast, but also because it was technically testing for riders."

Anne said that Dr Acheson recalled riding pillion with John on occasion, saying she got a sense of "rising up to heaven" as they crested the rise.

As superbikes roared past her in preparation for today's big race, Anne spoke from the heart, paying tribute to Dr John - and to Janet.

"John meant a lot to the club, to the motorcycling world and to Northern Ireland," she added. "Through the air ambulance campaign Janet has been so precious to us. She told me she has been comforted by the love everyone showed for John."

Roads close at 10am for the Tandragee 100. The first race starts at 10.30am.

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