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Security alert after discovery of suspicious object

Cordons are in place close to Castlewellan, Co Down.

(Alan Lewis/PA)

A security alert is under way in Co Down after the discovery of what police have described as a suspicious object.

Cordons are in place in Priests Road close to Castlewellan.

Ulster Unionist councillor Alan Lewis said the suspicious object had been spotted by a local resident who raised the alarm.

He said: “I praise the quick and efficient response of local police who have the area sealed off and have been maintaining the cordon for a number of hours. I commend the diligence of the local resident who spotted the device and altered emergency services.

“If, as expected, a device has been placed, those responsible are reckless, mindless idiots with no regard for public safety. In 2019 we should be far beyond such activity where people expect to live in peace without fear of harm.

“Local residents have undoubtedly been inconvenienced and disrupted from their daily routine. The local community should be allowed to go about their lives without the fear or threat of violence.”