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Security alert ends after second bomb find in Dungiven within a fortnight

By Donna Deeney

A security alert in the Dungiven area has ended following the discovery of bomb, the second such device found in the area within a fortnight.

A controlled explosion has been carried out on a bomb in the Dungiven area in the second major security alert in two weeks.

Police said the a device was blown up in the Carnanbane Road in Feeny, causing road closures and disruption to the rural community yet again.

The area was still sealed off last night, and the alert continued until lunchtime today.

The second alert in as many weeks was again sparked by an anonymous bomb warning.

Police and army bomb squad officers carried out searches during daylight in fields and ditches along the Carnanbane Road after the warning on Tuesday night that a device had been planted.

It was found in the afternoon and made safe by Army ammunition technical officers.

However, as dusk descended the area was sealed off to allow further searches today.

The situation mirrors a similar alert in the nearby Drumsurn area two weeks ago when four days of disruption only ended after a bomb was found along the Leghavallon Road. The Derry Brigade of dissident republican paramilitary group Oglaigh na h'Eireann claimed responsibility.

It is believed that soldiers from Magilligan army camp had been using the location for training and were the target at Drumsurn.

Police have warned people in the area to stay vigilant and contact them immediately if they see anything unusual.

Supt John Magill, the PSNI District Commander, said: "Our priority is to keep people safe. We appreciate the support of local people and are working to establish the substance of the claims.

"However, until we know exactly what we are dealing with, we must adopt a slow and methodical approach to ensure the safety of all. If you have any information about suspicious activity in the area, please call police. If you see any suspicious objects, dial 999 straight away."

Sinn Fein councillor Tony McCaul said it is the local community who once again have become the victims of the activities of people who have been rejected time and time again.

He added: "The warning of an explosive device being left in the Carnanbane Road, Feeny, has caused upset to the daily routine of local people.

"This vague warning is similar to the one in Drumsurn a fortnight ago which caused disruption to the local population for four days.

"The people who are carrying out these acts are offering nothing but misery to the very community they claim to represent.

"If they have the interests of the local community at heart they would listen to it and desist immediately from this type of activity. I would appeal for vigilance at this time and urge whoever is responsible for leaving the devices to stop before someone is seriously injured or killed."

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