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Security alerts cause traffic mayhem

The spate of security alerts across south Belfast continued into the weekend, causing further traffic mayhem on the Westlink.

Vehicles were drawn to a standstill last Sunday afternoon after army bomb |experts were called to deal with a suspicious object discovered near the Westlink entrance to Bog Meadows — a second suspicious object was later found near the motorway.

A police spokeswoman said one was an elaborate hoax while the other turned out to be non-suspicious. The road was closed for several hours on Sunday between Broadway and Stockman's Lane.

Meanwhile, a local councillor has expressed her disgust after suspicious devices were discovered in Bentham Drive last Thursday, closely followed by the discovery of a second device in Roden Street — both in close proximity to |Arellian Nursery School that had to be evacuated.

UUP Councillor Michelle Bostock said: “I utterly condemn the people who have planted this device, whether viable or not beside a nursery school.

“There is no place in our society nor any cause that would justify putting in danger the lives of anyone, particularly children as young as three in a nursery school — I’m disgusted by this.

“I was on the scene immediately and had to collect my young niece from the Charter Youth Club where the children from Arellian Nursery School had been evacuated to.

“I would like to pay tribute to the swift and efficient actions of the police and nursery staff in evacuating the school with as little distress as possible to the children and their parents. We must send a clear message to the thugs who planted this device that there is no place for them in our society. We have put violence well and truly in the past and will not allow them to drag us back.”

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