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Security at border unaffected by Brexit, insists Paisley

By Michael McHugh

The DUP's Ian Paisley has said the multi-billion-pound electronic surveillance system operating on the Irish border would not change if Britain exited the EU.

Every number plate is read and the number of crossings noted to protect security, according to the North Antrim MP, as part of an electronic barrier extending around the UK. "The current Northern Ireland border is not a soft border, the current Northern Ireland border is an electronic border," he said. "Every single vehicular movement on the border, every single person movement, is electronically recorded.

"So for example ... you can have an electronic readout of the people who cross the border, the number plates which cross the border, the multiple crossings those number plates make."

Opponents of Brexit have raised concern about the reintroduction of physical barriers between Northern Ireland and the Republic in the event of a withdrawal from the EU.

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