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Send us your Autumn pictures - nature’s masterpiece

Golden forests and ethereal mists make this the most spectacular of seasons

By Anna Maguire

It is a season of mists and mellow fruitfulness, close bossom friend of the maturing sun according to poet John Keats.

Autumn is a reflective time, as the famously romantic writer evoked in his nineteenth-century poem, To Autumn.

And nowhere was that sentiment echoed more clearly on Monday than in the waters of the River Lagan as it mirrored a blaze of colours on its banks.

As the nights draw in and temperatures drop, trees throughout the countryside have been dramatically shedding their greenery in a spectacular seasonal show of yellow and crisp brown leaves.

Amid the landscape on the banks of the Lagan on Monday were blasts of deep burgundy as trees made a fiery exit into the barrenness of winter.

In recent days, mist has lingered over the hills of Jerrettspass in Co Down, leaving its tree-lined drumlins just visible above the shroud.

Haze, barely broken up by weak autumn sunlight, has blurred the imposing outline of trees and bushes in south Armagh, the rays streaming through towering trees to collect in dappled pools on the ground.

In Belfast, piles of multi-coloured leaves were dotted around the city’s parks — an unexpected treat for children who scattered them like confetti.

But stormier weather in Woodvale Park served as a reminder that winter is just around the corner.

Parents and their children did their best to hold on to umbrellas — but not everyone was successful, with the recent windy spell taking one off into the fading foliage lining the slippery leaf-strewn paths.

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