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Serial burglar jailed after claiming he was too high to remember last break-in

A serial burglar who claimed he was too high on drugs to remember his last break-in was jailed for 13 months today.

Paul George Keenan stole two laptop computers after smashing a window to get into a house at Meadowbank Place in Belfast.

A DNA match on a cigarette butt found at the point of entry led to the 24-year-old being convicted of the raid carried out last September.

He claimed at first that he must have flicked the end over a wall while walking past the address, but analysis showed it had been stubbed out.

Belfast Magistrates' Court heard the laptops, valued at £900, were never recovered.

A lawyer for Keenan, of Donegall Avenue in the city, said the defendant still doesn't remember the burglary.

Michael Boyd added: "His mind was so addled with drugs that he has no recollection of the incident."

The barrister claimed his client was now taking steps to turn his life around.

But Deputy District Judge Joseph McCrisken pointed out that Keenan still had two suspended terms of four and five months for separate burglaries hanging over him.

He activated both sentences and imposed a further four months in jail for the Meadowbank Place break-in.

As he was passing sentence Keenan protested from the dock: "I can't remember because of black outs."

But Mr McCrisken told him: "I think the public is best protected by me placing you in custody today."

Keenan was led to the cells after the total 13-month sentence was confirmed.

Before exiting he shouted to friends in the public gallery: "Keep her lit, I'll phone you."

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