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Serial thief sent to prison for stealing from retailers

By Alan Erwin

A serial thief allegedly under a death threat over his offending has been jailed for five months for targeting retailers in Belfast.

Liam Foster stole perfume, tanning lotion and hair products as part of a campaign directed at stores in the city.

The 19-year-old also punched and threatened to stab a security guard who intervened as he tried to steal sunglasses from a shop.

Foster, from Kinnaird Street in the north of the city, was convicted of thefts, attempted thefts, common assault, threats to kill and criminal damage to an electronic monitoring tag.

Belfast Magistrates Court heard he stole tanning lotion worth £86.50 from a branch of Boots in April last year.

In July he tried to steal a similar product from Boots, and prosecutors said that on the same day he attempted to take two pairs of sunglasses valued at £85 from Specsavers. When Foster was challenged by a security guard, he threatened to stab him and punched him in the face.

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