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Serial yob protests at officers' language

By George Jackson

A Court has been told that a man with 122 criminal convictions has complained to the Police Ombudsman about the behaviour of police officers who arrested him for disorderly behaviour.

The man was arrested outside his Cedar Street home in the Rosemount area of Londonderry on Wednesday evening.

A police officer told District Judge Barney McElholm that officers were called to a disturbance in Cedar Street and when they arrived they were verbally abused by Terence Doherty (37).

She said Doherty, a high-risk offender, ignored several police requests to tone down his language.

The officer said that in February of this year Doherty was jailed for two months for committing his 10th disorderly behaviour offence.

Doherty's solicitor said a complaint has been lodged with the Police Ombudsman in relation to language used by officers.

Remanding him until May 2, the judge said he had been "dealing with this man since 2003".

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