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Serious lack of cash support threatens to ko boxing club

by Niamh Agnew

Throughout the past 20 years, Eastside Boxing Club has won trophies, brought children off the streets and disciplined many.

Now that the club faces trouble, it is time for the community to come together as a whole and provide it with well-deserved help at a time of need.

Eastside Boxing Club is a registered charity and has been running since the 1980s. It is a successful club which has taken in children from a young age, taught those children manners and respect, and the outcome of such high standards of training has been positive, with many trophy- winning boxers.

As the building has been standing for a long period of time, it is beginning to become extremely run down and, according to members of the club, unfortunately they do not seem to have the funding to keep it open, which is why they are turning to the public as a bid for help. Marc Pusey, a member of a local martial arts group, is keen on helping raise the money for the boxing club throughout 2011. Marc said: “We would like to begin by raising awareness through our local East Belfast Community Telegraph.’’

The boxing club requires a large sum of money of around £500,000 to rebuild a forum to a standard where coaches can continue to train and produce amateur boxers, and this need can be met with the help of the public.

It is believed that the east Belfast club has secured a grant of £250,000 although in order to receive this, the club and its members must also raise the same amount of money, which will be difficult as it is a substantial amount and this is why they need any support possible

Eastside has been helped out in the past by local business and family and friends of members of the club through different fund- raising events, including sponsored fights, skips and runs. However, much more than this is needed to raise the money they require to keep the club going.

The boxing club commented on the issue, saying: “Hopefully we can raise the money to carry on making a difference in the lives of young people and producing some of the finest amateur boxers around.’’

If anyone has any ideas of how the club could raise money, or wishes to make a donation, they can do so at

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